Northwest Alabama Mental Health Ctr - Fayette AL 35555

2584 Highway 96 Fayette AL 35555

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center has long been a leader in providing quality services to people who are mentally ill or struggling with mental illnesses. As the name suggests, this is a facility which caters for people of all kinds of mental health conditions. It is a facility where patients can be accommodated for their mental health problems and live a better life through the use of its services. This facility provides care which has helped many people come out of their difficult mental condition. This center is located in Birmingham, Alabama.\n\n \n\nMany patients who suffer from mental health problems are provided with excellent medical care at Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center. This facility has various types of medical treatments available to patients who have mental health problems. Patients who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and many other mental illnesses find great relief at this facility. Patients get to be treated with different types of medications. Some of these medications are given orally, while others are given through inhalation.\n\n \n\nNorthwest Alabama Mental Health Center offers treatment programs to help patients live a better and healthy life after their treatment is complete. These programs are designed to help the patients to regain control of their lives so that they can lead a normal life without suffering mental disorders again. The rehabilitation program offered by this facility is known for being one of the most effective programs of its kind in the country. This rehabilitation program helps patients to regain the strength and will to face the challenges in their lives. This rehabilitation program also helps patients to cope with mental disorders and make them comfortable with their new personalities so that they can lead normal lives.

123 2nd Avenue NW Fayette AL 35555 0.32 km
Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center is one of the leading centers in the state and has been helping people deal with mental health issues for over thirty years. They offer a variety of se[…]
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Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center is an accredited mental health facility in the state of Alabama. It offers a wide variety of services, ranging from counseling to therapy and medical, […]
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The Lamar County Northwest Mental Health Center has been providing care to thousands of patients across the nation since 1977. It was established as a part of the State Mental Health Agency,[…]
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Northwest Alabama is a region in the state of Alabama, which is located between the Tuscaloosa and Bessemer areas of Alabama. It is also known as the Ozark Hills because of its rocky top ter[…]
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Northwest Medical Center is about to make a very big splash in the world of medicine. About Northwest Medical Center, it is a non-profit, fully licensed hospital medical center. NWMC provide[…]
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Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center has long been a leader in providing care to the people who live, work and visit the place. It also provides care for their families who have a widespre[…]
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Marion County Treatment Center was set up to assist those in need with drug and alcohol addiction and it does so by offering a number of different services to those in need. People can make […]
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Mental Health is a subjective state or condition that describes a person’s mental health or lack thereof. It is an individual’s state of well-being, or level of mental well-being[…]
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Indian Rivers Mental Health Center, located on the East Coast of Florida, provides its clients with a holistic approach to treatment. This center is not focused on drugs, but rather on findi[…]
1435 Military St N, Hamilton, AL 35570 53.2 km
The mission of Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center (NAMHHC) is to provide a comprehensive, accessible, and effective continuum of care to children and families; to support the development[…]
377 LaDow Center Circle Carrollton AL 35447 55.31 km
Health Connect America is a residential treatment center in Carrollton, AL. It is located in Pickens County in Lauderdale County, AL, at 377 LaDow Center Circle, 35446 zip code. The address […]
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Northwest Alabama Mental Health Services is a private nonprofit organization that is committed to providing the highest quality mental health and medical services for mentally ill residents […]
593 Highway 78 West Parkland Shopping Center Jasper AL 35501 57.43 km
The Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center, also known as NAMHC, is a state-funded and state-operated facility located in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. This facility houses those individuals who […]
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The Ability Alliance of Southwest Alabama is one of the two regional treatment centers located in Tuscaloosa County, AL. The center offers residential, outpatient and emergency programs for […]
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