Northwest Alabama Mental Health - Jasper AL 35501

1100 7th Ave, Jasper, AL 35501

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Services is a private nonprofit organization that is committed to providing the highest quality mental health and medical services for mentally ill residents of the state. They provide a wide variety of services to residents and non-residents of the state. Northwest Alabama Mental Health Services provides services for adult and children, adults and children with co-morbid illnesses, and residents with substance abuse disorders. Their services are designed to meet the unique needs of residents of the Northwest Alabama area who are experiencing mental illness or who have a serious medical problem.

The goals of Northwest Alabama Mental Health Services are to educate and empower individuals, families and communities on the signs and symptoms of mental illness, provide treatment, and promote recovery. They also aim to ensure that their services to help people live productive and fulfilling lives free from mental illness. The staff is well trained in community, family and community-based mental health programs. These programs address the behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical needs of patients in a comprehensive manner. The staffs strive to build an environment of safety and support, while providing ongoing care and support.

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Services offers a variety of services and has a strong emphasis on treatment. They are committed to treating their patients in the way that best addresses their needs. The treatment they offer is tailored to meet the unique needs of patients. The goal of the mental health team is to keep patients motivated and to provide ongoing mental health support services. These services are designed to give the patient a sense of control over their own life. The team also works to educate families and communities on the symptoms and prevention of mental illness.

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