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3260 North Hayden Road Scottsdale AZ 85251
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O’Connor Sharon Psychotherapist in Scottsdale AZ offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. The staff at this Scottsdale Psychotherapist in Arizona strives to meet your needs and desires, while helping you find ways to create a better life. The therapist will be able to work with your children and offer support and guidance when needed, helping you feel comfortable with them and being a source of strength. Your relationship with your children and your own feelings are important to the therapist so he or she will provide you with effective feedback and help you learn how to deal with difficult situations as they occur.

The therapy can range from individual to couples therapy. This means that you and your partner will be meeting for therapy one on one. After the initial assessment you will meet with a counselor to discuss the progress and get your ideas in order for you to see improvements in your life. Many of the issues that affect marriages have to do with communication and trust. This is where the therapist can help. If your relationship is feeling unbalanced then the therapist can help you change the patterns of communication that are causing you problems. If there are other problems in the marriage such as jealousy and resentment you can also benefit from the Scottsdale therapist.

In order to understand what’s going on in your relationship, it is important to have open and honest communication. You need to tell the therapist about the issues that are bothering you. Some of these issues may include a cheating spouse or a problem with money. A good therapist can help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and the reasons why it is not working. You can also speak about your concerns with your children and the way you interact with them. If you feel that the problems in your marriage are too severe or if your children need your attention, the therapist can help you find ways to solve your problems.

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