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Addiction treatment programs can result in long term recovery for an individual who has been struggling with drugs and alcohol. The problem of drug addiction in the United States has been on the rise over recent years and this number is expected to continue to rise with a higher percentage of people experiencing serious addictions. Treatment programs that treat an individual’s specific situation and any underlying co-occurring mental, physical and even social issues can result in sustained, effective recovery. Drug addiction can also be avoided.

Treatment strategies directed at children and teenagers and among families, communities, schools and the media are effective in decreasing drug use and promoting drug education and awareness. Programs aimed at teaching children about the effects of drug addiction and how they can overcome addictions are being used by many schools and communities. Drug education for families as well as families of children is also being conducted. Family members are being introduced to the dangers of drug addiction and how it affects families and children. Schools and community organizations also use such educational programs to combat drug use among teens.

The success of a drug addiction treatment program relies on its ability to address the specific needs of each person. A treatment program may use one or more methods to address the issue of drug addiction in a patient. Depending on the seriousness and level of drug use, treatment will vary from individual to individual.

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