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The Beacon Of Hope by Oxford House has a novel plot that’s sure to appeal to the more sensitive and imaginative reading public. Based on true events this book is a fictional story of how a young man from England rose to greatness in world war II and a young woman from Scotland became a prominent political and literary figure. Set in the 1930s The Beacon Of Hope is about two women whose lives are intertwined in an effort to save both countries. In order to do this they must work together – and that requires some difficult decisions. The reader will learn as well as see these women working to accomplish their goal of saving the world.

The great thing about this novel is that it’s written in third person point of view. The author puts in a lot of the character’s life history their family background their relationships their emotions and even their religious beliefs. So there’s always something interesting going on and this is what makes this novel so exciting. Also the characters are very real not fake as they tend to be in many modern books. You can tell the writer has lived their lives and understands what it means to have a family or have an emotional relationship with your neighbors. All these details make the novel much richer than the average historical fiction novel.

Oxford House’s other books are even better. In addition to this one they also have the award-winning History of the English People The Lost Colonies of England and The History of Britain. The authors of those books have done a tremendous job of writing them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who likes historical novels. I highly recommend this one as well. If you enjoy historical fiction you’ll love this one.

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