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Drug Addiction Treatment can consist of many things. Treatment can include: education rehabilitation detoxification group and individual therapy. Rehabilitation programs which treat drug and alcohol addiction educate people on how to quit or reduce drug usage and strengthen their moral and personal responsibility in the face of social and personal responsibilities. Group therapy is a very important part of treatment as this helps the patient to build a strong social support system to help deal with his addiction problem in a more productive and healthy manner.

Group therapy helps the person struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to build stronger relationships with other people. The therapist also encourages the patient to participate actively in the group discussion so that he is able to learn more about his fellow patients and how they are dealing with their own addictions and the problems they have faced. In some cases the group therapy may consist of only a few people; in others it may involve a large number of people. In any case the group therapy helps the patient gain insights and helps him to make a personal choice that will improve his social and psychological status in life.

Individual treatment centers that provide treatment for drug addicts treat individual patients who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. A person suffering from such an addiction will need to undergo a specific treatment program. It is a personalized treatment plan for a person who suffers from addiction and he should be treated with sensitivity respect and compassion. An individualized treatment plan is different from the group therapy in many ways. People receiving individual treatment have to be treated individually while in group therapy people are treated together to give them the maximum benefit.

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