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Drug Rehab is the medical or psychological treatment for dependence on narcotic psychoactive substances like alcohol, illegal street drugs like cannabis, amphetamines, or cocaine, and other prescription drugs. The term drug rehab can refer to many things. One of the most common forms of drug rehabilitation is inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab involves complete commitment of a patient into residential treatment. This is because drug abusers need help to cope with their drug addiction problem, and inpatient rehab can provide them with the appropriate treatment they need. However, inpatient treatment can also be a bit costly and requires a long-term commitment.

Drug rehab can also refer to outpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient rehab requires that a patient be admitted in a drug rehab facility that is specially designed for this type of rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment can usually be done through a private clinic, or through an inpatient facility at a public treatment center or hospital. These outpatient facilities are generally more affordable and can sometimes include outpatient programs as part of the treatment. Although they require less dedication from the addict, they still offer long-term treatment for their drug users. Outpatient treatment for drug addicts can also be done through a drug rehab clinic that accepts patients of all ages and backgrounds.

If a patient prefers to live with others while undergoing drug rehab center, that is another option to consider. Inpatient treatment programs are usually more expensive than the outpatient programs. On the other hand, inpatient programs require the same commitment as outpatient programs. In some cases, patients may choose to go on a short term stay on an outpatient program, before moving on to the inpatient treatment center. A long term stay in an outpatient program is often necessary for those who have developed a serious drug addiction and are no longer able to stop using drugs on their own. In some cases, an outpatient program may be able to keep an addict out of an inpatient rehab program during times of severe withdrawal. Long term treatment of an addict in an outpatient program can prove to be very effective, especially if there is a strong support system in place to help the patient get back on the right track.


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