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Dr. Palmer Syd PhD is the founder of the Palmer Synanon Corporation and the creator of the Synanon program. He created the Synanon program in 1960 and has been the key figure in making it into what it is today. He began the program as a form of self-help and was able to create an entire new set of principles and tools that would help people achieve their goals. He also created the Synanon training center in Arizona. The Synanon Institute is dedicated to teaching others how to achieve personal change and to help them gain freedom from any limiting beliefs. He has helped hundreds of thousands of people to change their life’s for the better.

Dr. Syd PhD in Tempe AZ can help you with helping you gain clarity on your own beliefs and to empower you to take control of your life. He can teach you to find balance in your life and to accept responsibility for everything in your life. He can teach you to be strong without losing sight of who you are. Palmer can also help you find the inner strength to create the life you want and to stop living for others and start living for yourself.

Paul says that if we all took the time to study the program he has written, we would have all the knowledge needed to create a better world. We need to become a part of this program. Palmer says, “You are your own best teacher.” He states that we need to learn to ask the right questions and seek out the answers to learn what we need to know to become stronger and more powerful. If we don’t ask the right questions and we don’t seek out the information we need, we will never be able to become our best, and will always be weaker than those who are willing to learn. Paul emphasizes on finding the right balance between your work and personal life. He emphasizes on being in two places at one time and not allowing anyone to control your life or get in the way.

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