Partners - Recovery West Valley Campus - Douglas AZ 85607

936 F Avenue Douglas AZ 85607

Partners in Recovery West Valley Campus in Douglas AZ is a 12 week residential treatment program for Alcoholics. They have a strong commitment to helping the addicts overcome their addiction and live a happy life. The program is an eight-day, four-week course that teaches the addict to overcome the triggers that cause them to relapse. They are taught to build and maintain a strong support system for themselves and family members. Each student is given personal accountability with each other. This is so the addict will learn to deal with the guilt of their actions and how to keep their lives on track during the recovery period.

The Partners in Recovery program provides both short term and long term services and supports to the patients. The long term services are designed to teach the addicts self-esteem building skills, healthy relationships, and how to get help from people close to them. The short term service allows the addict to learn how to live life with less alcohol consumption. They will learn how to make choices based on their own individual strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with difficult situations. They will learn how to be independent without the assistance of others. Most people go back into their lives after completing the program feeling stronger and better. This program is based on a 12 step program that requires the participants to be committed and dedicated to continue with the program.

The students who participate in this program are able to attend this alcohol treatment centers for at least two months for an initial assessment. The program provides a variety of group and individual therapy sessions and activities. The goal is to help the students to regain control over their lives and get back on track to living a drug free life. These programs are designed to help the students become more healthy, successful individuals in their future. In the future they can go back to school, take a higher paying job, or take care of their family and friends.

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936 F Avenue Douglas AZ 85607 0 km
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