Peaceful Spirit Therapeutic Massage Centers - Tucson AZ 85712

6041 East Grant Road Tucson AZ 85712
(520) 296-7766(520) 296-7766

Peaceful Spirit Therapeutic Massage Centers in Tucson AZ is a center that provides therapeutic massage therapies and physical exercise services for people from all over the country. The center offers many benefits to its clients and offers many types of services to their clients. PeacefulSpirit Center is also accredited by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The AMTA accreditation provides peace of mind to both massage therapists and clients who are looking for quality and safe treatments.

“At Peacefulspirit Massage Centers in Tucson AZ, our goal is to assist people in achieving harmony in their personal and professional lives. For over 22 years we have assisted thousands of patients. Our patients choose PeacefulSpirit for: muscle tension relief; pain relief; the improvement of concentration and memory; the correction of sleeping disorders; and improved mental acuity and focus.” The center offers a variety of massage and physical exercises classes to its clients. The classes are designed to meet the needs of both massage therapists and their clients.

The wellness centers are located in a location that is easy to find and are close to the Tucson Convention Center, the University of Arizona and the Arizona State University. The Arizona State University campus is only a short distance away and many students come to the wellness center to study or participate in many of the activities. The fitness center is close to many different sports facilities that have a range of different activities for students to do on campus. The wellness center is also a place where many of the students study and learn new skills and techniques. The Tucson wellness center offers a variety of classes for massage therapy, relaxation, yoga, aerobics and other physical fitness training classes. Many of the students also participate in therapeutic massages at the center.

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