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If you are searching for a great deal on a condo that is close to a golf course, then the best place to look is in Scottsdale Arizona. The great thing about Scottsdale is that there is plenty of condominiums to choose from. There are many reasons why someone would want to live in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoy living near to an active golf course. One of the reasons that people prefer to live in Scottsdale is because it is within driving distance to many great golf courses. Scottsdale offers many different types of condominiums and one of them is located near the golf course. You may be surprised to learn how close the golf courses are to many condos in Scottsdale.

If you are looking for a condo near a golf course, then you may be surprised at just how close most of the golf courses are in Scottsdale. There are two main golf courses located in Scottsdale. The first course is owned by Scottsdale’s Copperhead Golf Course and the second is owned by Oakwood Country Club. Each of these courses has its own unique set of features that make it appealing to golfers. The Copperhead Golf Course offers a championship golf course as well as two other 18-hole courses that are great for those that enjoy playing golf on their weekends. The Oakwood Country Club has one of the best golf courses in Scottsdale and offers the best golf course in the city.

Another good thing about Scottsdale is that it is home to many other activities. One of the areas popular for this type of activity is Fountain Hills. Fountain Hills is home to the popular Lake View Country Club which has golf courses. You may also enjoy water parks like Skywalk Water Park and Aqua Planet Water Park. There are many other activities that you can enjoy in the Scottsdale area. You may be surprised at how close some of the great golf courses are to you!

11624 E Shea Blvd Scottsdale Arizona 85259 0 km
“SpringBoard Recovery” was created by its founders to provide safe clean and dry housing for families that are recovering from drug or alcohol abuse domestic violence and other t[…]
10575 N 114th St Scottsdale Arizona 85259 0.3 km
The Scottsdale Sober Living House the Hope House is a luxurious apartment in beautiful Scottsdale AZ. It has all of the modern comforts of home and provides the ultimate in self-sufficiency.[…]
12816 East Turquoise Avenue Scottsdale AZ 85259 2.41 km
In my work as an Alcohol & Drug Addiction therapist, I have been fortunate enough to be trained by people from both the Alcoholics Anonymous community and the Addiction Treatment Centers[…]
12816 East Turquoise Avenue Scottsdale AZ 85259 2.41 km
The Swanson Mark Counselor in Scottsdale Arizona is a Christian-based counseling agency. They have many Christian based activities that they do to help those in need and to build a strong bo[…]
12816 East Turquoise Avenue Scottsdale AZ 85259 2.41 km
Drug addiction treatment solutions that address a person’s personal situation and any associated co-occurring mental, psychiatric and medical issues can result in lasting recovery. Add[…]
12816 East Turquoise Avenue Scottsdale AZ 85259 2.41 km
Drug rehab is the process of psychological or medical therapy to overcome dependency on drugs or psychoactive substances including alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal street drugs[…]
10245 E. Via Linda 3.05 km
Center for Attention Deficit & Learning Disorders is located in Scottsdale Arizona. “The Center for Attention Deficit & Learning Disorders combines conventional treatment optio[…]
12860 East Desert Trail Scottsdale AZ 85259 3.09 km
If you are looking to buy a home or an investment property in the greater Phoenix area then you need to find an agent that can guide you through the process with ease. There is so much compe[…]
10105 East Viaduct Linda Tempe AZ 85281 3.35 km
Drug addiction treatment is the treatment of addiction to substances including alcohol, drugs, recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroine, and even street drugs like methamphetam[…]
10105 E. Via Linda Scottsdale AZ 85258 3.35 km
With the wide variety of drug addiction treatments available, a patient may find that they require different levels of care, or even different types of treatments altogether. This can be esp[…]
9825 N. 95th Street Suite 101 Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.26 km
“Purpose Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center dedicated to helping addicts to become healthy and independent living productive lives. “Purple Heart” Center for […]
9522 East San Salvador Drive Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.49 km
Crisis Preparation and Recovery Inc. in Scottsdale AZ were founded in 2009 by two former Army Rangers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Their mission is to assist and train law enfor[…]
10229 North 92nd Street Suite 101 Scottsdale AZ 85259 4.6 km
You have probably heard about North Star Counseling Services and you might be wondering how exactly this organization can help you find your way out of a tough situation. Well, they will be […]
10229 North 92nd Street Suite 101 Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.6 km
Marc Center in Scottsdale AZ has become one of the most talked about real estate properties. It is a beautiful place that offers everything you could want for a great price. You can get a go[…]
10213 North 92nd Street Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.61 km
Drug addiction treatment is the ongoing process of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for dependence on psychostimulants like cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana or heroin. Drug addiction i[…]
10165 North 92nd Street Suite 101 Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.65 km
American Therapy Partners in Scottsdale AZ offers a variety of psychotherapy services. Many people find it easier to work with a professional psychotherapist who is not only licensed in his […]
9680 East Sutton Drive Scottsdale AZ 85260 4.75 km
The term drug addiction treatment has become a widely used phrase by the medical community. In the past decade alone, we have seen an enormous rise in the number of people seeking drug addic[…]
10210 North 92nd Street Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.95 km
Drug addiction treatment is usually the result of a person’s use of drugs. If a person becomes physically dependent on the drug, he will have to find alternative ways to avoid withdraw[…]
10250 North 92nd Street Suite 303 Scottsdale AZ 85258 4.98 km
Scottsdale Psychiatric Services in Scottsdale AZ serves many people with a variety of needs. Our professionals are committed to providing quality treatment and support for the addicted perso[…]
10799 North 90th Street Suite 100 Scottsdale AZ 85260 5.22 km
Crisis Preparation and Recovery are a Phoenix Arizona based company that provides services to the mental health drug addiction and alcohol treatment community. This is a leading provider of […]
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