Phoenix Employee Assistance Counsel-g & Education - Scottsdale AZ 85251

4205 North Winfield Scott Plaza Scottsdale AZ 85251
(480) 947-3655(480) 947-3655

Employee Assistance Counseling & Education are a Phoenix-based nonprofit organization that offers classes and workshops to help employees deal with workplace issues and get help in creating a more successful work culture. Staff members in the organization to provide the necessary training and support for each of their participants, as well as providing information on how the classes work and when they are most effective.

Employee Assistance Counseling & Education in Scottsdale AZ offer both individual and group therapy, and work with employees, management, and employers on the topics of stress, anger management, conflict resolution, and conflict resolution techniques. The group work includes one-on-one coaching with staff, as well as group work. The group can consist of one or more members from any one company. Each individual is evaluated individually by the therapist to find out what is causing the employee’s stress. Once the stress is identified, the client will work to relieve it or learn new ways to deal with it. The goal is to help the individual find new techniques so that they do not need to work with a therapist to manage their stress. Each session is designed around specific topics, which include communication, conflict resolution, and conflict avoidance.

There are other resources in Scottsdale AZ that can help with employee conflict resolution skills and conflict resolution strategies. There are some classes at the Tempe Arizona Community College and at the Arizona State University. It is important to consider whether these resources can be accessed in the Phoenix area before going with the Phoenix Employee Assistance Counseling & Education in Scottsdale AZ.


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