Phoenix House Inc - Tuscaloosa AL 35401

700 35th Avenue Tuscaloosa AL 35401

Phoenix House Inc. was established in 2020 by Bruce M. Dainty as a direct marketing company that focuses on the development of direct sales companies with sales force management and network marketing capabilities. The company has grown into one of the most prolific direct sales companies within the Phoenix, Arizona area due to its unique, multi-tiered sales system that helps businesses to become one of the most successful in the region.\n\n \n\nThe company provides a variety of services to its clients including; sales training, lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting and more. In addition to this, Phoenix House Inc. also works with clients to develop an effective marketing plan for their business. These services are provided through the incorporation of both traditional direct selling and network marketing techniques.\n\n \n\nThe company is very well known for the fact that it does not sell products directly to customers but instead offers its services as part of a sales team. This company will focus on developing customer relationships through its sales people. By working together with customers and building a rapport and a relationship with them, the company will be able to build a large list of prospective customers to sell to and will work to build a client base. If you are interested in using Phoenix House Inc to develop a new business opportunity or to grow your existing business, contact the company today and discuss the services that it offers.

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