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What is a typical day at a drug rehab like? When thinking about addiction treatment, you might be wondering what an average day at a drug rehab actually consists of. There are several types of addiction treatments available, but most all follow a common framework of treatments. The common theme that runs through the various therapies is the belief that drug or alcohol abuse has caused a person to become mentally ill. These mental illnesses, along with the physical dependence associated with these drugs, have caused the person to become unable to control their substance abuse. The goal of treatment is to help patients break this cycle and regain control of their lives. In order to accomplish this, the treatment team will try to provide all the psychological therapy, counseling, medical treatment and other aspects of therapy in order to help the patient overcome this disorder.

During a typical day at a drug rehab, your physician will likely be seen first and asked about your medication. This is because the medication is often prescribed by physicians who treat drug addicts. Your physician will likely ask you to provide some information concerning your addiction, including any mental illnesses that you might have developed as a result of your substance abuse. If there is evidence that you have any underlying mental disorders, your physician may suggest a more thorough evaluation. However, your primary care physician can usually refer you to a qualified therapist for treatment.

Most mental illnesses and substance addictions are associated with mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders or schizophrenia. A specialist in mental health or drug treatment can help determine which mental illness or substance addiction may be causing the emotional problem. Once it is determined that you do have a mental illness or substance abuse disorder, the specialist will work with your physician to determine what type of therapy is needed to address your specific problem. From there, your psychiatrist will prescribe therapy programs that will help you overcome your mental illness or substance abuse.

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