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Drug addiction treatment is the treatment of an individual who uses drugs, in which treatment may last a year to a lifetime, in which case the treatment will also have been done to prevent relapse. Drug addiction therapy is the process by which a person recovers from dependence on psychoactive substance including alcohol, opiate drugs, methamphetamines, and street drugs like cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines, to name but a few. The treatment of drug addicts can either be inpatient or outpatient, where the addict is admitted into a facility for detoxification or counselling and then outpatient treatment to avoid relapse. However, inpatient treatment is also used to treat drug addicts.

During the rehabilitation process of the patient, it is important that the patient is supported psychologically and physically, and he or she is educated about the drug dependency through various activities such as group therapy sessions or individual sessions. The treatment of a drug addict also includes counselling and group therapy, which helps the addict in becoming aware of his personal feelings about his condition. After successful completion of drug rehab, the patient is given treatment for psychological and physical ailments, both of which have a direct impact on the addict’s emotional and mental health. The patient is also given psychological support, to cope up with his new lifestyle.

There are several rehabilitation programs available to cure drug addicts, which vary depending on their intensity and complexity. The most common programs include residential and outpatient programs, while inpatient programs are more intense than the outpatient one. Residential programs are designed to treat drug abusers for prolonged periods of time. Inpatient programs are designed to treat patients for shorter periods of time, as the patient is not physically separated from the environment and family while they are in rehabilitation. Inpatient programs are considered the most effective when they are coupled with outpatient drug treatment, and inpatient rehab is usually combined with counseling and other social activities.

225 East Valencia Road Suite 150 Tucson AZ 85706 0.87 km
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225 East Valencia Road Suite 150 Tucson AZ 85706 0.87 km
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