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The Raphah Counseling Services in Glendale, Arizona provides substance abuse and addiction treatment. They have been in business since 1998. “Our objective is to help those affected by drug use disorder improve their quality of life, recover from the addiction that has affected their lives, and build a strong, trusting relationship with others.” According to their website, Raphah Counseling Services provides an outpatient treatment program, a 12-step recovery program, and drug and alcohol court diversion programs.

Inpatient treatment consists of two forms: residential and outpatient. The residential treatment program is a combination of therapy sessions for six to ten days at the center. Patients are admitted on a first come, first served basis. This form of treatment is designed to treat addictive behaviors or addictions. This form of treatment may include detoxification, counseling, medical detoxification, and a self-help program. The outpatient program offers the same treatment that is offered in the residential program, but it is not residential. Patients who are admitted are not admitted as a part of a treatment plan.

The Addiction Treatment is supervised by certified and licensed psychologists. Dr. Robert Hargrave, PhD is the director. He has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology. He has worked extensively with individuals struggling with addiction. Dr. David Parnes, MD is the assistant director.

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