Reclamation Center of Alabama Inc - Montgomery AL 36106

4720 Woodmere Boulevard Montgomery AL 36106

The Rehabilitation Center of Alabama Inc. was established in the year 1998 to provide a residential treatment facility and support services to alcoholics, opiate abusers and pregnant women. It has an accredited medical center located at 4720 Woodmere Blvd Montgomery AL. The Center offers a wide variety of programs for all types of addicts. It treats its patients with compassion and offers state of the art services, medical and psychological, detoxification, medication, therapy, education and much more.\n\n \n\nIt is known for its outpatient drug treatment programs, residential treatment programs, short-term residential rehab program and short-term residential rehab programs. It offers a variety of drug detoxification options. Inpatient programs are for those who require long-term residential rehab. Short term residential rehab programs are specifically meant for those who require short-term residential programs. The Center also offers outpatient drug detox programs, and a number of other residential programs such as inpatient and outpatient drug detox programs, residential, inpatient programs, day treatment, transitional programs, residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs.\n\n \n\nThe Center provides state of the art facilities and services. These include a Medical Care Center, a Nursing Home and other medical centers like emergency rooms, respite centers, and care giving units. In addition, the Center also provides a number of other programs like, group counseling and training, residential and outpatient drug treatment, medication-assisted treatment and drug detoxification programs. The Center is also known for its 24 hour a day on call services. This means that if a patient needs help, the staff immediately responds. The staff also provides individual and group counseling, self-help groups and educational and social activities. The Center offers outpatient and inpatient drug detox programs, residential rehab, and short-term residential programs.

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