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Travis Clark has walked that lonely walk many other reformers have taken before him. A former Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church of Camden (FBC) in Camden County New Jersey he recalls the good old days very well indeed. “I was a pastor in a small church in Camden and I was just a young kid when I learned about the addiction to pain killers” he says. “The problem of addiction recovery was a much larger topic at that time and I thought a great book about it would be very helpful.”

Rehabilitation centers like the one Clark headed up had been around for years. The addict who needed help was referred by his family friends or doctors. The program was designed for those who had tried hard to quit smoking used drugs or were alcoholics. The program was designed with the addict in mind. “It wasn’t just for someone who wants to go back and start using again” Clark explains. “I saw people who just couldn’t get past this point in their lives. It seemed to be one of those places that you could find people once they lost all hope who were looking for another chance at life.

This program is not exclusive to drug addicts. It can be used by anyone who has a problem with any addiction. Clark says “The goal here is to assist and encourage. We want them to understand that they are not alone in their struggle. And we want them to be able to overcome this addiction if they can.” So is the question of who should use this kind of program answered? Well both reformers and addicts should be in it because it does work!

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