Richard S. Reynolds, PHD - Selma AL 36701

1306 Old Orrville Rd, Selma, AL 36701

The Mental Health Department of the state of Alabama operates one of the largest and oldest mental health services in the United States. One of the greatest advantages of being part of the Mental Health Division is that it is fully funded by a federal grant. As a result, the department is able to offer a wide variety of different services for the citizens of Alabama. A mental health professional is basically a psychological health care professional who provides counseling services to people, couples, families, and children. While not a rigid and hard rule, most mental health professionals are trained and have more advanced training than traditional mental health professionals on mental health related problems which may need hospitalization. This is especially true for the addiction treatment centers and group homes in the state of Alabama.

The Mental Health Division also has a wide range of programs for children. These programs are usually designed to help children with a variety of behavioral issues such as emotional abuse and neglect, child abuse, sexual abuse, and other developmental problems. Some of the most common behavioral problems among children are: separation anxiety, depression, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, separation-discipline, hyperactivity, eating disorders, and other behavior disorders. The Department of Mental Health is also responsible for providing a large number of classes for parents as well.

In addition to the above mentioned services, the Department of Mental Health is also responsible for educating and informing the public about mental health problems which can be solved through an effective treatment method. It is also responsible for developing and offering courses for the professionals who work in these treatment centers as well. In short, the Mental Health Division of the state of Alabama provides a wide variety of services for the citizens of the state.

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