Riverbend Center for Mental Health - Florence AL 35630

635 West College Street Florence AL 35630

The Riverbend Center for Mental Health in Bessemer is an organization committed to providing mental health services. The center has over seventy full-time employees and over seventy-five part-time employees. It is a nonprofit organization and has received many awards for its efforts to improve the mental health of its clients. The Riverbend has several different programs for the mentally ill. There are four acute care programs, three of which provide short-term therapy. The other one offers long-term psychotherapy. In addition to short term therapy, the treatment at this center provides long-term psychotherapy and psychiatric care.\n\n \n\nRiverbend Behavioral Health Services has been awarded the prestigious “High Impact Award” from the Department of State. Riverbend Cedar Street House, Riverbend Meadow Lane, Riverbend Richmond and Riverbend Park apartments are all part of the Riverbend Behavioral Health Services network. Riverbend Meadow is also part of the Riverbend Behavioral Health Services network. Riverbend Willow Lane and Riverbend Richmond are part of the Riverbend Riverbends behavioral health services network. Riverbend Park apartments are also part of the Riverbend Behavioral Health Services network. The Riverfront apartments are located in Birmingham, AL and offer a wide variety of amenities for their residents. This includes health clubs, spas, pools and gyms.\n\n \n\nThe Riverfront apartments offer apartments, townhomes, condominiums and private homes with private areas, many of which are designed to meet the needs of clients with varying levels of psychiatric or emotional health problems. Riverfront apartments have their own parking lot, clubhouse, laundry room and a clubhouse bar. The facilities available for residents of the Riverfront Apartments are equipped to meet the medical needs of all residents and families. There are full kitchens, a laundry room with dry cleaning, health clubs with a swimming pool, a clubhouse bar, a Jacuzzi, a fitness center and a lounge. Residents of Riverfront Apartments can choose to live in a single unit or a multi-unit community. Riverbends Riverfront Apartments provides residents with easy access to medical services.

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Mental Health is defined as the state of health or a lack of mental disorder. It is that state of...
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