Riverview Behavioral Health - Hope AR 71801

225 South Main Street Hope AR 71801

Riverview Behavioral Health Center is a complete outpatient behavioral health care facility with an integrated continuum of behavioral and psychiatric health care services. “We are happy to offer acute and outpatient inpatient pediatric and adolescent care as well as in-home K-12 treatment programs. Our comprehensive services include treatment for depression substance abuse eating disorders stress management anger management anxiety management relationship counseling self-help groups peer support parenting education and much more.” “We are pleased to offer in-home treatment programs for parents with young children and for in-home adults. We specialize in family-centered care individual treatment crisis and stress management and comprehensive evaluation and treatment.” “We offer in-home psychotherapy and group therapy programs for families and individuals.” “Our acute treatment programs include detoxification stabilization maintenance follow-up individual and group psychotherapy residential and day programs as well as intensive in-patient care.”

Riverview Health and Nutrition Center located in Hope Arkansas offers in-home outpatient and in-clinic and emergency care. They are affiliated with the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. The staff of Riverview is highly trained and experienced in treating behavioral problems including children and adolescents. They are committed to providing the highest quality of patient care. The program is fully accredited by the National Council for Training in Clinical Psychology (NCCP) and is recognized by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Hope Arkansas has a population of approximately thirty thousand people. The town is considered to be part of the southwestern part of Arkansas and is the fourth largest city in Arkansas. The weather in Hope is hot and humid most of the year and is very dry in summer. The climate in Hope is pleasant it is said to be a quiet little place where everyone knows one another.

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