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Drug addiction treatment is the process of therapy or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive drugs including alcohol, prescription pain killers, and illegal street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine. The term addiction is sometimes used to refer to any drug or substance that interferes with a person’s life and/or causes the individual to become dependent on the drug. There are three categories of drug addiction, namely the direct addiction of the brain, the indirect addiction of the brain by use of the drug and the sub-direct addiction of the brain. The effects of the addiction can manifest themselves in various ways such as emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms, behavioral problems, emotional trauma and mental illness, or physical illness. The cause of the addiction can be genetic, chemical, neurological or physiological. For the direct addiction, it can either be a result of chemical or neurological changes in the brain; on the other hand, the indirect addiction is due to misuse of the drug by making use of it compulsively; while the sub-direct addiction is a condition where the individual is physically dependent on the substance.

Treatment programs for drug addiction involve both mental and physical therapy in order to help the person overcome their dependence. Physical therapy is done to assist the addict in dealing with withdrawal symptoms while behavioral therapy helps to cope with the behavior issues brought about by their substance abuse. Drug addiction treatment centers usually follow an outpatient, inpatient or in-clinic model. These days there are also rehabs that offer outpatient and in-clinic options. In-clinic treatment has been found to be more effective in treating drug addicts compared to in-patient treatment. This is because in-clinic treatment is more conducive to maintaining the patient’s recovery as they are less likely to experience drug withdrawals.

The various outpatient drug addiction treatment centers include residential treatment centers, rehabilitation centers and clinics, therapeutic boarding schools and support groups. Most residential treatment centers provide treatment services for their patients, but some also extend treatment to their family members and their friends as well. Many people go back to school in an outpatient facility after treatment, and this helps them to deal with the drug addiction and the trauma that they have undergone. The cost of residential treatment varies depending on various factors like the intensity of the problem, the type of the drug, the length of the treatment, whether you are on residential or out patient, and whether you require inpatient or outpatient treatment.

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