Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center - Phoenix AZ 85007

220 South 12th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85007
(602) 223-3477(602) 223-3477

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Phoenix AZ, is one of the most well known and visited outpatient treatment centers that serve the poor and uninsured of this country. These centers offer detoxification and other medical services for a wide range of conditions, ranging from alcoholism to drug abuse, domestic violence to suicide, and a host of other illnesses. Their goal is to provide the most comprehensive care available and to help people overcome their problems as quickly as possible. This is achieved through the staff’s efforts to provide treatment and rehabilitation that are both comprehensive and individualized, as each patient’s needs are unique and deserve special attention.

The first thing you will notice upon arriving at the center is that there is not one set treatment or rehabilitation approach. Every patient is treated differently based on their unique medical histories, symptoms and circumstances. You will be told by a professional staff that you are in the best possible situation possible, and that they are here to help. But if you are experiencing a serious health crisis or other difficulties, you will be told by the staff to seek help from a medical professional or counselor. You may be sent to a doctor, but you will also be sent to a counselor or social worker. Your counselor will be able to assess your situation, and will help you work out a plan of action for your recovery, from detox to therapy to support groups. He or she will work with you on a daily basis to ensure that your progress is going as planned, and that you are staying on track with your goals and objectives.

The outpatient treatment centers in Phoenix AZ are open for business every day, although some of them close early at night. If you choose a program during the hours that they are open, be sure to make your appointment well in advance, as many of the programs fill up fast. You will find that the staff at the centers is caring and compassionate, and will work closely with you to make sure that you are getting the care that you need. They can help you get back into society quickly, while giving you the skills that you need to prevent relapse.

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