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Mental Health refers to the condition or quality of mental health. It refers to a person’s mental and emotional well-being. It is a state of someone that is “functioning at an acceptable level of emotional and psychological adjustment.” For this condition to be defined in its entirety, it has to be the complete and total lack of mental disorder. In other words, mental health requires a person to be emotionally and physically healthy and balanced and functioning at their optimum level. A person with no mental disorder may still have issues relating to his or her mental health, as there are many types of issues that can affect the mental health of a person. These issues are usually related to the person’s family background and environmental factors.

People who have experienced traumatic events in their lives such as war, abuse, sexual assault and/or rape will usually experience some type of mental health problem or disorder. As most of these situations are traumatic, the symptoms of trauma may include emotional and/or mental disorders. The most common symptoms of traumatic events are depression and anxiety. Another symptom of trauma is post traumatic stress disorder, which is often referred to as PTSD. Some people may develop anxiety or depression, but have never experienced a traumatic event, while others may have experienced one or more traumas and have developed depression and/or anxiety. The treatment for PTSD is often called the battle to find out what happened to the victim and to help them deal with the trauma. It can be quite traumatic, but it is not life-threatening and can be successfully treated.

The importance of mental health cannot be stressed enough. If you or a loved one is experiencing issues relating to your mental health, you should contact your primary physician. This physician will be able to provide your health care provider with all of the necessary information and treatment for your specific needs. In some cases, a mental health professional may need to be referred to the primary care physician for further treatment and diagnosis. For instance, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, it is recommended that your doctor refer you to a mental health professional that specializes in treating depression and/or anxiety.

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