San Tan Valley Assisted Living - San Tan Valley AZ 85143

35750 N Belgian Blue Ct San Tan Valley Arizona 85143
(602) 931-7894(602) 931-7894

“A San Tan Valley Assessed Living Home” is a registered corporation that is located in the San Diego region of Southern California. This assisted living community provides care to residents who need a place to live. “San Tan” was founded in 1965 by Donna B. Brown.

“San Tan Assisted living houses are staffed with licensed care givers and other professionals. Our staff offers support with daily activities such as bathing feeding dressing mobility assistance reminders and medication management. We also offer assistance with social interactions and give social interaction to our residents.” The group consists of six residents in the San Diego area. The San Tan Assisted living center is a non-profit organization. There are no dues for residents who live there.

The San Tan Assisted living center can be reached on the phone at (858) 939-7456 or by mail at PO Box 8100 Chula Vista CA. The group accepts most major credit cards and checks. Residents are encouraged to call the number to schedule an appointment. In order to qualify for assisted living services you must meet specific income guidelines. You also must be over the age of eighteen.

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