Sanctuary Sober Living LLC - Phoenix AZ 85028

E Shea Blvd & N 40th St Phoenix Arizona 85028

Sanctuary Sober Living LLC is a Florida corporation registered with the SEC as an Exchange Traded Fund. According to the SEC filing Sanctuary Sober Living LLC is focused on providing its members with the latest and most effective treatments to help them overcome their addiction to drugs. The company was founded by Dr. George Kavita a psychologist who specialized in addiction treatment for decades.

Sanctuary’s focus is on providing its members with the highest quality of treatment through the most innovative methods. The main focus of Sanctuary Sober Living LLC is on the use of herbal dietary behavioral and dietary supplements to assist its members in their fight against drug addiction. Sanctuary believes that drug addiction is a mental problem that can be overcome by combining an individual’s psychological makeup personality beliefs values and beliefs and behaviors. It also believes that an individual can overcome his addiction and become drug free if he or she believes that he has a strong will.

One of the primary benefits of Sanctuary’s program is the ability to treat an addict using only the best and most effective methods available. According to Sanctuary’s founder Dr. Kavita there are more than one hundred alternative treatment options available today. This includes drug rehabilitation centers hospitals residential treatment facilities and outpatient treatment centers. Most of these centers and programs are not affordable and offer addicts a long-term commitment. As such many people choose to enroll in temporary residential programs in hopes of getting long-term help. Sanctuary is a unique company which provides long term care residential programs and outpatient treatments as well as group therapy and support groups.

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