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Drug rehab is the process of psychotherapeutical or medical treatment of dependence on psychostimulant drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs like heroin or methamphetamine. Drug rehab programs are designed to help individuals overcome their addictions to these substances. These programs usually consist of a combination of psychological therapy, medication, and social and other support services. Many drug rehab and addiction treatment centers provide intensive and long-term residential or outpatient programs. Depending on what type of substance abuse problem a person has, they can be assisted with either one-on-one therapy or group sessions.

For those who choose to be treated in a group setting, they are assisted by professionals who have medical supervision. During group sessions, the addict and the other members of the group meet to help resolve common problems that may arise. This allows the addict to take control of the situation and realize that he or she cannot do it alone. Group therapy often helps addicts recognize and change unhealthy patterns in their lives. The group’s goal is to help the addict to achieve a sense of self-esteem and improve his or her self-image. The focus on meeting the individual’s needs of others has resulted in an increase in recovery rates.

Family therapy helps the individual’s drug addiction become less about self-hatred and more about being a caring and loving member of a family. Family therapy is important because it helps the family understand how an addiction is affecting the family. It may mean the difference between losing a loved one and saving them. The counselor provides information on recovery. This is done by discussing the addict’s personal history, goals, dreams and goals. Family therapy is not always necessary, but it can provide a unique perspective that no one else can give the addict.

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Drug rehab is the process of psychological or medical therapy for rehabilitation of a patient add...
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