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Scottsdale Addiction Treatment & Counseling in Mesa AZ specialize in a variety of substance abuse treatment programs. We have been named one of the best in Arizona by the Arizona Republic. Scottsdale is a city of incredible diversity, with a huge number of people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. A large number of professionals have chosen to work at our Scottsdale Addiction Treatment & Counseling facility. Our mission is to offer affordable, effective, and safe services to all residents.

The number of addicts in this community is tremendous. However, the treatment programs that are available to each individual vary greatly. As we understand the nature of addiction, we must focus on the individual needs of our clients. The treatment and support services that we offer are based on the premise that people who are suffering from substance abuse need special treatment for their particular needs. We do not use the term “substance abuse” as an excuse to justify any behavior, whether good or bad. We have found that we can make people healthier through our innovative programs. We strive to provide an environment of support to our clients by offering an environment where they can get support from the people that they know and trust.

We offer a wide variety of programs for individuals suffering from substance abuse. Our substance abuse treatments include a variety of clinical programs that include both residential and outpatient treatment programs. We also offer a variety of family programs. Inpatient programs are offered for those who are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamine. For many people, residential drug rehab is the best option. These programs are available in both residential and group settings, and many also offer individual and family counseling. This is important because we know that a person’s mental health is very important, and we want to do everything possible to provide them with the help they need to get well and stay healthy.

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