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Residential drug rehabilitation, also known as inpatient rehab, offers the most effective and comprehensive form of drug rehabilitation services for those diagnosed with drug or alcohol addiction. In most cases, inpatient substance abuse treatment programs include specialized medical detox and combined mental health and drug treatment services. The patient is closely supervised by a trained professional, usually a physician or a psychologist, who administers specific medication, monitors progress and provides counseling, encouragement, support and guidance for the recovery process. Many times, medication is used in conjunction with counseling and therapy to help the patient get through the withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs are often the first step in recovery for an addict. It is necessary for the patient to recognize the need to change his lifestyle, behavior and habits. Once the individual realizes that he must make some changes in order to overcome his addiction, then and only then does he or she need a good and safe substance abuse treatment program that will help them overcome all of their addictions. In order to succeed in this process, a patient needs to be properly monitored by trained professionals, and should also be encouraged to have realistic goals and objectives. In some cases, a patient will be offered an inpatient option, where he can continue his daily activities while attending a residential treatment center. This is the best way to achieve a successful recovery because it is one-on-one care from a certified professional.

When choosing substance abuse treatment programs, there are a number of factors to consider. These include the length of time the facility is open, whether or not the facility provides drug and alcohol detoxification services, the level of staff training and experience and the costs. It is essential to do your research thoroughly and visit several centers before making a final decision about which is the best fit for you.

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