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Drug addiction treatment is a complex process of mental or medical therapy for dependence on addictive substances including alcohol street drugs like marijuana cocaine heroin and amphetamines and prescription drugs like oxycodone and painkillers. Drug abuse is a widespread problem in all societies. The drug alcohol and drug rehab programs have gained popularity due to their effectiveness. Drug rehabs have proven to be extremely successful in providing safe and effective drug addiction treatment especially in the area of alcoholism. These programs help addicts recover from drug addiction by enabling them to live a productive life by providing counseling social support individual counseling therapy medication and where necessary detox.

Some drug rehabilitation treatment centers offer specialized treatment to specific types of addicts. For example inpatient detox treatment centers are usually used in rehab centers in an outpatient setting to treat patients with drug dependence and alcohol abuse. An addiction-focused treatment program is used to treat alcoholics smokers methadone users and patients suffering from a psychiatric illness substance abusers with no history of addiction and those addicted to a non-substance substance. Inpatient treatment centers generally offer more comprehensive treatment programs than outpatient programs.

Drug addiction treatment centers offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Many patients who need inpatient rehabilitation stay for many weeks or months depending on the severity of their condition and the intensity of their drug problem. While inpatient rehabs are usually less expensive than outpatient programs they usually last a much longer time and can involve a number of therapies. Inpatient rehab programs can also provide more effective medication detoxification programs as many medication withdrawal symptoms can occur after a patient leaves his drug treatment program. Outpatient programs are usually less expensive than inpatient rehab programs but they usually do not involve a long stay and often have shorter programs. A patient may take a shorter amount of time off from a drug rehabilitation center than if he was staying in an inpatient rehab so inpatient programs are often preferred for shorter-term patients or to accommodate those who have a stable income.

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