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The shoulder is a multi-jointed structure where many joints and muscles work together to give the most complete range of movement of any joint in the human body. Several muscles help support the three tendons in the shoulder when giving it strong movement. At the upper part of this joint, three large bones connect: Clavicle: This bone gives the shoulders its rounded shape, the skull above and the ribcage below. Subclavian Bone: This bone is found on the left side of this joint. Thoracic Bone: On the right side, at the base of this joint.\n\n \n\nThe shoulder joint is very important, since it provides the ability to bend or straighten your arm and move it in various directions. The tendons of the joint are the main muscle groups supporting this structure, and the muscles that pull back against these tendons are called extensor muscles. When a muscle is strained, it is referred to as overuse, and sometimes as injury. Overuse can be caused by overuse of a muscle or even excessive wear and tear.\n\n \n\nIn addition to strengthening the muscles in the arm and shoulder to allow them to move independently, there are also exercises that will strengthen all of these joints and muscles. Exercises such as shoulder circles and shoulder presses and rows are good for the arm and can be done either by yourself or with a group of people. Exercises that strengthen all of these muscles and joints are also essential for prevention. Strengthening these muscles allows the joints and muscles to function in their best possible way. Prevention is always better than the cure.

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The Shoulder is one of the most complex and large joints in your body. The Shoulder joint is basi...
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