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The service of Sierra Tucson is based on different methods for the care of drug addicts. The first type of treatment offered by the center is detoxification. This kind of treatment involves the withdrawal of an addict from any kind of habit that he has indulged in during his lifetime. The addict will be given a prescription for a drug that will help him get rid of the pain and the withdrawal symptoms that come with using the drug. The addict is given a detox program so that he is not exposed to other drugs. In most cases this kind of detoxification is conducted in an outpatient facility which is where the addict stays for at least seven days.

The second form of treatment provided by this center is the recovery process. Most addicts want to get clean and will go through a series of treatments designed to help them recover their lives. The recovery process starts when they are first admitted into the center and they will go through a series of therapy sessions and activities to assist them to overcome the problem that they have been facing. They will also undergo detoxification of drugs. These two programs are often done together which helps to ensure that the addict remains focused and committed throughout the entire process. If these programs are not done correctly it could end up as a waste of time for the addict as well as for the staff members of the center.

If you are looking for a treatment center that provides outpatient facilities to its clients then this is the place that you should be visiting. They use all the best techniques and the latest methods to help people get rid of their addiction to various substances. There is a detox program which will be given to every person that visits the center to start with the recovery process. As they progress along their path to recovery they will go through a series of therapies to improve their health to deal with stress and anxiety and to build their self esteem. The addict will need support from the staff members and also family members especially those that are in the situation of the addict in order for him or her to reach a point where he or she can handle his or her life without relying so much on the drug and alcohol.

39580 South Lago Del Oro Parkway Tucson AZ 85739 0 km
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39580 South Lago Del Oro Parkway Tucson AZ 85739 0 km
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10845 North Thornydale Road Tucson AZ 85742 19.53 km
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