Silberman Marcia Marrge & Family Counselors - Chandler AZ 85224

485 South Dobson Road Suite 208 Chandler AZ 85224
(480) 821-3818(480) 821-3818

The Silberman Marcia Marrge & Family Counselors at Chandler AZ provide counseling and psychotherapy services to clients from across Arizona. “In addition to providing personalized psychotherapy and counseling, the firm also offers family therapy and support groups. Our clients are those who are seeking help with marriage issues and other issues that may be hindering their marriage. A licensed mental health professional is required by law to perform such counseling so it is important that you choose a counselor who has the proper certification to handle these types of clients.

“The mission of the Marcia Marrge Family Therapy Center is to empower our clients and families by providing an enriching environment in which they can explore issues and make changes that will improve their lives. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and families, while offering them the best possible outcome for their needs. The core beliefs of our center are rooted in a belief in the power of communication and healing. Our counselors understand that every one of us has the ability to communicate to others our feelings and wants and needs. We also understand that communication is the cornerstone for positive change. Our counselors utilize the latest and most effective therapeutic techniques to make the changes we want and need in our lives. Our counselors understand that healing takes place when the mind, body, spirit, and behaviors are harmonizing together to create healing.

“The Marcia Marrge Family Therapy Center strives to develop powerful interpersonal relationships that foster trust and respect between its clients and staff. Our counselors will work with each individual in a caring and supportive atmosphere that respects confidentiality. The center strives to make its clients feel confident, valued, empowered, fulfilled and whole once they leave our center. We offer support and guidance that include a safe and nurturing environment that promotes healing.

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