Silkworth Institute - Scottsdale AZ 85251

7283 E Earll Dr Scottsdale Arizona 85251
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The Silkworth Institute for International Studies (SIIS) is an international center for education research and development of business in all its facets particularly the knowledge economy. It is one of the leading institutes for management in Asia. The institute is renowned for its academic excellence and has a very good placement record for MBA students in Asia. The institute has branches in over twenty countries and it also has an outreach program across the world. Its primary function is to provide high quality educational facilities to its students and staff in the fields of international business commerce and international relations. The institute’s mission is to ensure that the future of the global business is bright with a strong economic foundation.

The institute was established in 1954 and it was initially known as the Silkworth College of Management. The founder of the institute was Joseph A. Silkworth. The institute has an excellent track record for faculty recruitment with a very large proportion of MBA graduates who are well placed and working in global firms. This is also the case with its graduate students. There are various programs offered by the institute including Master of Science in International Business Master in Management and a Masters in Business Administration and International Studies.

The staff of the institute is extremely experienced and the teaching staff are internationally trained and qualified. It has many prestigious awards including the prestigious Business of Tomorrow Award and the prestigious Goldsmiths Medal. SIIS is a registered charity under Section 711 of the IRS and is therefore eligible for tax exempt status. So if you wish to pursue higher studies or want to take up employment with a leading international business firm you can join the Silkworth Institute for International Studies and make your career brighter.

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