Sobriety House Pine Bluff AR 71601

2001 W 5th Ave Pine Bluff AR 71601
(870) 535-1111(870) 535-1111

Sobriety House is a sober living facility located on the west side of Pine Bluff Arkansas. It has been called the largest residential treatment center in the state of Arkansas and offers a safe environment for individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. It provides 24 hour onsite help and supervision to those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and requires that all residents attend and complete an in-house drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The Sobriety House program is designed specifically to treat individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and helps them get back on the right path. This type of treatment not only provides a safe haven for addicts but also help them to overcome their addictions.

A Sobriety House can be very helpful in recovering an addict from his addiction because they offer services like counseling group therapy and group work sessions. All residents must first have completed a specific detoxification process before they can begin the program at the Sobriety House. Upon enrollment the program will provide individual and group therapy with a qualified team of therapists to address each member’s specific needs. After a person completes the program they will receive treatment from a highly trained therapist and social worker. They will also undergo weekly sessions where they will be evaluated and given support and resources. Many times this type of therapy will lead to the addict going through withdrawal from their drug or alcohol use and becoming sober.

To get the most out of your Sobriety House experience you must seek the assistance of a qualified therapist. Once you have completed the detoxification and treatment process you may be sent home after one or two weeks of in-house care depending on the severity of your addiction. If you choose to participate in outpatient care you can visit the program on a daily basis and receive medical and mental attention. It is important to note that your success will be determined by you so if you think you have a problem talk to your therapist about it. Your counselor will help you identify your personal goals and determine how you want to achieve them. Once you feel comfortable with your own recovery you can decide whether or not you want to go back to your drug or alcohol use or stay sober.

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