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Mental Health is the level of mental health or an absence of psychological disorder. It is the condition of a person who is “functional at a satisfactory level of cognitive and behavioral adjustment with respect to his environment, as identified through standardized evaluation techniques.” The definition of Mental Health is that a person is psychologically healthy when he has no major psychiatric illnesses and is functioning at an optimum level of mental and emotional adjustment with respect to his environment. This condition does not occur by itself but must be accompanied by an adequate lifestyle and education program. Mental health needs to be addressed by a combination of medication, therapy and support. However, it is believed that there are few common mental disorders, in which all mental disorders are treatable.

Different forms of mental disorder include depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. The causes of different mental disorders vary according to the type of disorder. Depression is mainly characterized by persistent low mood; a pessimistic outlook on life, guilt, helplessness, pessimism and a tendency to withdraw from social interactions. Anxiety, also known as panic disorder is characterized by an excessive worry and apprehension in the presence of certain types of situations or a change in surroundings. Schizophrenia is characterized by hallucinations, delusions and unusual thoughts. Each type of disorder, however, responds differently to treatments. However, it can be treated and can be cured.

Proper treatment for mental disorder has to be given by a skilled medical practitioner. Mental Health is an important factor for any healthy society. It is crucial for people to accept themselves as they are and accept their disabilities, instead of having to live with them. As said earlier, mental health affects many aspects of a person’s life and one should look after his mental health by accepting his disabilities and providing him all the assistance he needs to cope up with the situation. A positive attitude is an essential part of healthy mental health. All in all, the key aspect of the quality of life of a mentally healthy person is having enough positive thinking and feeling about life. Healthy life styles and a good nutrition plan are a very important factor for mental health.

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