South Central Alabama MH Center - Andalusia AL 36420

205 Academy Drive Andalusia AL 36420

The South Central Alabama MH Center provides a full range of treatment programs for a variety of mental disorders. There are 12 mental health treatment centers located throughout the state of Alabama, with the largest center located in Montgomery. Other centers are located in Baldwin, Bibb County, Baldwin County, Cullman County, Dothan County, Etowah County, Hancock County, Houston County, Lumpkin County, Montgomery County, and Pickens County. The staff of these centers is committed to providing quality care to their patients, as well as providing continuing education to all members of the staff. These staff members also participate in a comprehensive training program as part of their employment.\n\n \n\nThe facilities at each of these mental health centers are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to their patients. Many centers are affiliated with local hospitals, which helps to assure the patients’ safety and comfort while they receive medical treatment. Some of the facilities offer 24-hour emergency medical services. Many of the mental health centers also provide counseling services to patients who require them. The patient’s family is always welcome at these facilities, and they are given the option of seeing their loved ones and/or friends on a confidential basis. This allows the patient and their families to discuss their condition and the treatment options. Often family members and friends can visit when an appointment is available.\n\n \n\nTreatment at the mental health centers is provided by licensed medical professionals. These physicians are typically board certified in the medical field. Treatment may include medications, therapy, group counseling, or group therapy. Many of the mental health centers offer a variety of therapies, which may be combined. Treatment at the mental health centers is usually administered in combination of medication therapy, behavioral therapy, and a combination of other treatment methods. There are many mental health treatment centers located throughout the South Central Alabama region.

205 Academy Dr, Andalusia, AL 36420 0 km
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205 Academy Dr Andalusia AL 36420 0 km
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