South Central Alabama MHC - Greenville AL 36037

674 Hardscramble Road Greenville AL 36037

South Central Alabama Hospital and Healthcare Center is the flagship facility of the Birmingham Southern Health System. It is located in Greenville, AL and serves as a major medical treatment center for residents of Greenville, Mississippi. This facility serves as an important part of a metropolitan area that has a high number of people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. Many of these individuals are from Greenville, who need treatment to get clean from their addictions. The hospital provides both outpatient and inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. The hospital is one of the most respected centers for treatment in the state of Alabama.\n\n \n\nA majority of residents in Greenville, Mississippi, live in extreme poverty and need substance abuse treatment to help them overcome their addictions. The hospital was formed by the merger of several treatment facilities in the mid-1990s. This facility provides a wide variety of outpatient treatment programs, as well as inpatient treatment programs for people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. The hospital was originally started with an out patient program for residents of Greenville. The center now provides both outpatient and inpatient services for individuals and families throughout the United States. The hospital also offers different types of treatment, including drug and alcohol detoxification and inpatient rehab. The facility also offers a mental health care center and a pediatric care center.\n\n \n\nThe South Central Alabama MHC is committed to providing effective treatment for all types of substance abuse. The hospital strives to make drug and alcohol treatment accessible to all people in the Greenville community regardless of their social or economic status. With a staff of over 200 employees, the hospital strives to provide the best possible treatment for each patient. The hospital is committed to offering quality care to the people in Greenville, Mississippi.

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