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Mental Health is defined as the state of overall mental well being or a lack of mental disorder. It is a state of a person who is “working at a satisfying level of behavioral and emotional adjustment”. Some other conditions that are included in the mental health classification include anxiety, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, stress disorders, and depression. These conditions may cause an individual to experience varying degrees of mental impairment. People suffering from mental illnesses may also have difficulties in interacting with their fellow humans.

People affected by mental disorders are usually unable to maintain a good relationship with other people due to the fact that they may not be able to function in a normal manner. Mental disorders can often become quite severe and result in the person experiencing mental disability. Some conditions which are commonly found in mentally ill individuals include delusions, hallucinations, mood swings, substance abuse, and eating disorders. There are other conditions that can also cause individuals to suffer from mental disabilities such as schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorders. Other conditions which can affect mental health include ADHD, major depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

It is therefore important that everyone concerned knows what these mental health issues are and what to do in case they occur. This is because everyone has different ways of dealing with such conditions and different methods of recovery. For example, people with severe depression may not even recognize that they are depressed. However, if they are able to recognize their condition, there are many resources that they can turn to for help. Many mental health professionals also have their own support groups in which they provide therapy for people with different types of conditions. Some of these resources are:

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