Southern Oaks - Grove Hill AL 36451

295 South Jackson Street Grove Hill AL 36451

Southern Oaks is a brand new subdivision in the greater Houston Texas area. This neighborhood offers residents the chance to live in an entirely new neighborhood where they are surrounded by beautiful trees and lots with a more modern feel. Southern Oakes is composed of 141 all concrete block single family homes, which will include an array of two and three-story custom single-family homes. These custom homes come with a variety of different floor plans, including: the historic Heritage Homes, the Colonial Homes, the Victorian Homes, the Granite Ranch Homes, the Spanish Colonial Homes, and the Country Club Homes. Each of these homes will be filled with great features that give the home’s an appealing look to them, such as:\n\n \n\nCustom single-family houses are designed with hardwood floors, custom porches, stainless steel appliances, built in wall units, gable exteriors, and walk-through basement. Some of these homes have an additional deck or pool, while others have an on-site tennis court or barbecue pit. Most of the homes will include a large swimming pool, which is included in their construction. These new neighborhood developments will also come with a complete assortment of appliances, such as; Washer/Dryer, Central Air, AC, Electric, Dishwasher, Coffee Makers, and microwave ovens. All of the appliances will come equipped with a high-speed internet access, as well as a garbage disposal.\n\n \n\nSouthern Oakes was built upon a new subdivision known as the Granite Ridge in Houston Texas. These developments will provide residents with amazing views, with a variety of great communities and neighborhoods to choose from, as well as the opportunity to experience the beauty of the great outdoors. Each of the homes will come complete with a swimming pool, an attached garage, a gated entry, a deck, a barbecue grill, and a pool, among other features. Each one of these homes are fully equipped with a high speed internet connection, with high-definition television, stereo, and a home phone. As mentioned before, many of these homes will also come with granite counter tops on the kitchen counter top, a kitchen island, and a granite stone fireplace pit. The houses are well insulated with a double layer of plywood roof.

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