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Mental health is simply the state of total physical or mental wellness or an absence of psychological disorder. It is the condition of an individual who is “working at a satisfactory degree of psychological and behavioral adjustment.” It is a complex phenomenon and has many facets. Mental health is defined as the ability to deal with stress and cope with changes in one’s surroundings. It has been stated that mental health should be regarded as a basic human need since it helps us make better decisions. People are said to get sick when they are not healthy.

Some forms of mental health can be categorized into two broad categories: cognitive and affective. Cognitive health refers to one’s ability to think critically, solve problems and use logic. Affective health refers to one’s emotional, psychological and physical health. In most of the cases, effective health has little to do with how well one thinks but instead the way one feels about oneself. In mental health, people who are healthy psychologically have a sense of security and self-esteem. Those who suffer from mental illnesses tend to suffer emotionally because of the fear of experiencing symptoms that will lead them to be hospitalized.

The first step in having good mental health is to identify the source of your illness. This may include family history, peer group, peer influence and stress. The second step is to find a treatment for the ailment. Most mental health conditions are treatable if detected early enough. There are several types of mental health conditions. However, there is no single cure for the problem, because the cause or causes of the ailment can be different from person to person. Mental health should be considered as a basic need in today’s world because people live their lives in a constant state of stress.

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