Spectrum Healthcare - Cottonwood AZ 86326

8 East Cottonwood Street Cottonwood AZ 86326

Spectrum Healthcare Company is a small business in Cottonwood AZ that provides full-service mental health and medical services. They provide high quality mental health services in the cities of Cottonwood Scottsdale Pima and Yuma along with the surrounding communities. Providing full-service full-scope health care home mental health home inpatient treatment specialty clinics and specialty practices fully in a medically safe environment this business offers integrated mental health and medicine services. With over 50 years of experience in mental health they strive to provide the very best in both clinical and private mental health treatment. Offering a variety of outpatient and inpatient services they offer treatments ranging from basic mental health treatments like counseling and psychotherapy to more complicated psychiatric conditions like bipolar disorder depression post traumatic stress disorder drug addiction and substance abuse. With full-service mental health management including psychotherapy cognitive behavioral therapy structured behavioral therapy family-centered therapy and psychodynamic therapy they strive to offer the best possible treatment options to their patients.

They offer a full range of mental health programs to serve the needs of their patients. Comprehensive clinical programs like psychopharmacology medication detoxification and inpatient therapy and psychiatric rehabilitation are available for both adult and pediatric clients. Additionally they offer a range of outpatient services including inpatient mental health services for children and adolescents and mental health and medicine services for adults and specialty treatment centers for clients suffering from bipolar disorder posttraumatic stress disorder substance abuse and substance dependence. To provide their clients with a safe comfortable and confidential place to go Spectrum Healthcare employs state-of-the-art technology like 24-hour crisis lines video conferencing online emergency help and secure electronic records. The staff at Spectrum Healthcare strives to provide their clients with quality mental health and medicine treatment so they can lead productive lives with little fear of relapse and no longer have to rely on professional help and medications.

The Mental Health and Medicine department of Spectrum Healthcare is a nationally accredited provider of inpatient mental health and medical services. Their mission is to provide top-notch compassionate state-of-the-art services education and resources to their patients while providing them with the personal care and support they need to maintain a healthy and productive mental health lifestyle. They provide these services in the Phoenix Metropolitan area in addition to other Arizona cities such as Glendale Scottsdale Glendale Mesa Pima and Phoenix among others.

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