Spring Ridge Academy - Mayer AZ 86333

13690 South Burton Road Mayer AZ 86333

Spring Ridge Academy is an accredited therapeutic boarding facility for adolescent girls licensed residential care center by the state of Arizona and is a highly rated community. Spring Ridge Academy originally founded in 1997 by Mrs Jeannie Courtney is located at Spring Valley Arizona in the Phoenix area. The curriculum is designed to prepare the students for higher education while providing them with the foundation of discipline character self-esteem and self-discipline necessary for a successful future. In fact the program is designed to teach the young women the skills and knowledge to complete and succeed in all academic disciplines. This is done through the development of a well-rounded academic and social structure and through the teaching of effective interpersonal communication skills.

Spring Ridge Academy prides itself on providing a positive social environment in addition to learning and teaching the most effective methods in the treatment of many behavioral disorders. Most of the behavioral disorders are not life threatening but can lead to difficulties with peers and a sense of being alienated at school. As such there is a strong need for the families to understand the significance of the problems that their children have and to find help for their child who may be suffering from a mental illness. The program is designed to help the young woman who has a problem to overcome her anxiety and develop the confidence to talk about and work through her problems. The program also helps the young woman to identify and develop positive and supportive relationships and take pride in her talents and skills.

The curriculum of Spring Ridge Academy consists of five subjects which include Social Studies History Math and Science. They are designed in a way to help the young woman in learning more about her own self and learning to recognize herself from others. Also the program helps the young woman to build up confidence as well as social skills and enhance self-esteem. These skills are needed in order to become a successful member of the society. By the time the young woman graduates from this program she will have a better understanding of her own self and how to act appropriately in various situations.

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