Springdale Treatment Center - Springdale AR 72762

7255 Meeshow Drive Springdale AR 72762

The Springdale Treatment Center in Springdale Arkansas offers the same high quality care therapeutic treatment and education as their other state-of-the-art facilities but they offer the experience of a family in a therapeutic setting with a strong emphasis on individualized care. This is a unique facility that provides the best in personalized treatment for children suffering from behavioral problems drug addiction or other medical conditions. Their goal is to help children achieve and maintain lasting recovery. The Springdale Treatment Center offers residential treatment outpatient treatment inpatient treatment day treatment and outpatient programs.

The treatment centers at the Springdale Treatment Center in Springdale are designed for children ages seven years and up. They are not designed for kids with developmental disabilities or children who have been neglected. They also have a special area for children with behavioral problems and substance abuse. The center also has a specialized unit designed specifically for children who are diagnosed with ADHD or a similar disorder. The center specializes in working with children who are suffering from behavioral disorders.

The center’s focus on individual attention and personalized treatment helps children achieve lasting recovery. This type of treatment is offered by a professional team of therapists and counselors. These professionals work closely with the child’s family and work with the therapist to identify problems early and create a plan to address them. These team members work together with you and your child to ensure that your child gets the very best possible treatment from the very beginning so that it will be effective and last for years.

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