Supersition Mounta- Mental Health Center - Tempe AZ 85282

610 West Broadway Suite 111 Tempe AZ 85282
(480) 377-9156(480) 377-9156

Located in Tempe, Supersition Mountain Mental Health Center is a well-known mental health clinic. With its unique and innovative approach to healthcare, it has become one of the most popular mental health centers of Arizona. A new addition to the community, this facility is also home to a variety of activities for children and adults.

The mental health center offers a full range of services to meet all your needs from counseling and therapy to therapeutic exercise programs and yoga and meditation classes. The staff provides personalized and individual attention to each patient. For example, children are often placed in therapy groups in order to learn about the different ways they express their emotions and learn how to deal with situations that may trigger their behavior problems. Adults can take part in therapeutic exercises and yoga and meditation classes so that they can relieve stress and gain relaxation and focus.

There are many great things about this mental health center. From the amazing staff to the exceptional treatment you receive, you will find that this is the perfect place to go for all your mental health concerns. You can call and get on the waiting list for an appointment today!

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