Synergy Wellness - Huntsville AL 35810

4950 North Memorial Parkway Suite B Huntsville AL 35810

Synergy Wellness was established in 1997. The name is taken from the Greek words, “syntyros” meaning “two”logos” meaning “word.” Synergy has four different facilities: South Huntsville Treatment Center, Huntsville Mental Health & Addiction Services (MHAS), Midtown Addiction Services and the new Eastside Addiction Treatment Center in Mobile, AL. Synergy Wellness offers methadone maintenance, suboxone, buprenorphine and naltrexone administration. These are all necessary to give a patient a stable support system and the resources to successfully go through detox and/or addiction. Each facility is different and has different programs available to help patients become well.\n\n \n\nEach medical facility at Synergy is designed with a specific focus in mind. This includes substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and family therapy. Each center strives to give their patients the best care possible. These treatments can be tailored according to the individual’s needs and whether or not they are seeking medical treatment for a particular disease or condition.\n\n \n\nPatient care varies greatly from one facility to another. Some centers offer very basic care while others can offer more personalized attention. Some patients simply receive maintenance therapy with limited outside visits, while others are offered ongoing treatment. Synergy offers both types of patient care and they work together to ensure that they provide optimal care to their patients. Each patient is given individual attention and this is done as much as possible within the confines of their facilities. The staff at each facility is committed to providing treatment and rehabilitation services that meet the needs of their patients. These services are geared towards the patient’s specific needs, providing a strong base upon which they can build a stronger recovery.

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