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The process of drug addiction treatment is basically the act of psychotherapeutic or medical treatment for addiction to psychoactive substances including alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines or heroin. In most cases, drug addiction occurs as a result of physical dependence, wherein the individual has an uncontrollable urge to take another drug (cocaine, amphetamines) in order to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms caused by the first drug (alcohol). These symptoms include anxiety, depression, irritability, nervousness, restlessness, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. The person may even experience an increased heart rate, which can only be relieved by taking more drugs to overcome the withdrawal symptoms.

The physical dependence of the individual can also occur because of emotional dependence, wherein the individual develops an emotional bond with the substance. When an individual begins to experience withdrawal symptoms from their drug of choice, it is not uncommon for him/her to develop an emotional connection to the drug which causes them to repeat the actions associated with substance abuse without the presence of any physical withdrawal symptoms. Although there are many psychotherapies available to treat addictions, there is no known method that is considered highly effective in treating the emotional and psychological aspects of the problem.

Although there are many treatments available today to treat substance addictions, there are still few psychotherapies that have been proven effective in helping an individual to overcome drug addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of these treatments. This treatment helps to change the way the individual perceives and behaves toward substance abuse. Through this therapy, the individual will learn how to monitor their physical cravings and how to overcome them without using drugs. In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, patients are also treated with medication that acts in the same way as cognitive behavioral therapy in treating the psychological aspects of the drug addiction. Psychotherapy is also highly effective in treating substance addictions, but it is very difficult to deal with since many people cannot handle the effects of psychotherapy. For this reason, drug addiction treatment through psychotherapy and medication is preferred over medication alone.

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