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The number of drug addicts continues to rise each year. Drug addiction is preventable by educating young people on the risks associated with drugs and helping them to develop a healthy sense of self worth. There are many effective ways to stop drug abuse. Drug awareness programs, such as the Partnership for a Drug Free America, are designed to raise awareness of the negative effects of drug use on society and to encourage people to use drugs responsibly. Drug education and awareness campaigns aimed at teenagers and children and between parents, schools, families and the media are also highly effective in reducing teen drug use. Teenagers are more likely to use drugs if they have access to a lot of friends who take drugs or if they feel peer pressure. Teens also are more likely to use drugs if their families and friends are using drugs, and if they live in a neighborhood that has an abundance of drugs.

The most effective drug addiction treatment is that takes place in a residential treatment center, such as those operated by Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Residential treatment centers are designed to help people to overcome drug abuse, not just to stay clean and sober. People who participate in these programs learn coping skills, create individualized programs to reduce drug cravings, and learn how to overcome obstacles in the community that may lead to drug abuse. In a residential program, people learn about the social and physical health consequences of drug abuse. They learn what to do in an emergency and how to avoid the pitfalls of drug abuse, such as becoming an alcoholic or experiencing serious health problems from drug abuse.

Many drug addiction treatment options focus on drug rehabilitation programs rather than residential programs. Drug rehab centers offer a safe and secure environment for drug addicts to recover from drug abuse and stay sober. Drug rehab programs can provide a variety of treatment options including medications and group therapy. Drug rehab programs are designed to offer a long-term solution to the addiction, so that it never comes back.

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Drug rehabilitation is essentially the treatment of drug dependence through drug therapy, support...
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