-tegrative Pa- Center of Arizona - Tucson AZ 85704

600 West Cool Drive Tucson AZ 85704
(520) 742-6142(520) 742-6142

“The Integrative Pain Center of Arizona in Tucson AZ has earned a high reputation as a premier rehab facility for people with drug and alcohol addiction issues. “The Integrative Pain Center of Arizona is a therapeutic wellness organization dedicated to providing personalized, individualized, and comprehensive services that meet the needs of our patients. “We are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and clinical treatment facility that serves all regions of the country including the states of Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and many others. “The staff at The Integrative Pain Center of Arizona believes that everyone deserves a second chance. We recognize the unique needs of our clients and we work together as a team of healthcare professionals and addicts in order to meet the unique needs of each of our patients. We treat our patients from a holistic perspective, which is not only based upon the diagnosis of their condition but also on the entire lifestyle of the person.

“Our programs at the Integrative Pain Center of Arizona have been designed to help our patients overcome their addictive behaviors, treat their addictive illnesses, and restore balance between their physical and emotional well being.” Our mission is to provide an environment that encourages healing, provides a safe environment for healing, and develops skills and techniques to assist patients in their recovery. “We believe that our recovery is directly influenced by the way in which we respond to treatment. We believe that when you come into our facility, we will be able to help you develop a plan that is designed to meet the specific needs of your specific situation. Our programs are made up of several different elements. Each program provides a unique approach to addressing the needs and challenges that are unique to each patient and the nature of their disorder. These programs consist of medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, alternative treatments, family-based therapy, and life coaching.

The Integrative Pain Center of Arizona in Tucson AZ is proud to offer compassionate care for people with substance abuse and/addiction issues. We work with our patients to help them return to health, get back on track with their lives, improve their relationships, and achieve greater emotional wholeness. We want to make it possible for our patients to live productive, fulfilling lives, while taking steps to help them to become independent from drugs and alcohol, and to ensure that they do not return to addiction or alcoholism.

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