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Therapeutic Dynamics is a healing model that allows therapists to make use of various techniques of touching, touch, massage together with other healing modalities. “~Trusting Touch – Transforming Lives Through the Healing Power of Touch~” is the latest in therapeutic dynamics that uses the “Trusting Touch” model to help people suffering from trauma and illnesses. According to the authors “Therapeutic Dynamics is a healing system that provides healing tools that allow for improved awareness, improved quality of life and enhanced healing. This is achieved by providing the client with the tools they need to understand and process their experiences and emotions. These tools allow the therapist to understand their clients better facilitate healing. They also enable the client to connect with others who are able to help them. The “Trusting Touch” model works on the premise that if the therapist is able to trust the client, they will be able to give them the same quality of support and care they would give to someone they knew and trusted in the past. In this model, clients are able to share their personal experiences with the client so that both can learn and gain new skills that will enhance their lives.

The “Trusting Touch” model is a tool that can be used to strengthen relationships between clients and their therapists. There are many benefits to having this type of model in practice. The biggest benefit is that clients are able to express their feelings more freely without fear of being judged themselves. For example, when clients are in therapy, they are usually asked questions and given statements that make them feel uncomfortable and ashamed of certain behaviors that they may have engaged in the past. By making these statements, clients are able to share their feelings and experiences more openly and effectively. Through the “Trusting Touch” model, clients are also able to see that others can also be affected by their behaviors and their words and actions.

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